About Andre

Photo credit: Donghao Ren

Photo credit: Donghao Ren

It all started in '07...

I applied for a summer research scholarship to pad my resume for medical school.

The problems I worked on in organic chemistry were intellectually challenging and the research was fascinating, but what really drew me in was the magic!  Yes, there's magic in organic chemistry!

I remember the first time I isolated a brand new chemical.  There are an estimated 10^60 compounds that fit in Lipinski's virtual chemical space; with every new chemical it's possible to be the first person to synthesize it in the whole universe!

This is where I started thinking, I could help sick people without being a medical doctor – I could be making the cures.  Ever since that summer, my dream has been to "get good" at chemistry, work on diseases of poverty, and make a positive difference in this world.

Photo credit: also me! This is some aluminum crude from a DIBAL reduction

Photo credit: also me!
This is some aluminum crude from a DIBAL reduction

Photo credit: me!

Photo credit: me!

My hobbies include reading Wikipedia, PC gaming, pub trivia, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, running outside, and attempting veganism

I'm passionate about solving the world's biggest problems such as income inequality, climate change, and job automation

I love learning about chemistry, especially organic chemistry, antibody–drug conjugates, polymer chemistry, and the Diels–Alder reaction.  I'm frequently reading about the history of food ingredients, watching How It's Made, or listening to educational podcasts (SYSK, Radiolab, Planet Money)